Zine Experience

Please note: if I don't know you, do not send me a DM asking me to moderate your project.Current Projects as Moderator:
18+ Monster Mash Fan Fest Sign ups close July 15th.
18+ Beyond Boundaries: Fantasy TDDK zine (Head Mod) POs open
18+Slip N Slide (Formatting Mod) Creation Period
18+Gotta Smash Them All (Writing Mod) Creation Period
Current Projects as Contributor
BONDS: A TDBKDK zine (Guest Writer) Production
18+ Bunny: A BkDk zine Production
Ace of Spades (Guest Writer) Production Period
18+ Bunnies! invite only BNHA zine (Writer) Creation
Past Projects as Moderator
18+ Scarred Phoenix (Finance/Shipping Mod) Project Complete
Girl Power! (Finance/Shipping Mod) Project Complete
18+ BNHA Dark Week (Head Mod) Ran April 12th-April 18th 2020
Boku no Boys (Finance/Shipping Mod) Project Complete
One Big Night (Finance Mod)Project Complete
Decay (Finance/Shipping Mod) Project Complete
One in a Million (Finance Mod)Project Complete
18+ Dark Week 2: Adult/Minor Ran Sept. 20th-26th
18+ Quirked Connections (Finance/Shipping/Writing) Project Complete
18+ Adult TodoDeku Exchange Exchange complete!
18+ NSFW Toga Zine (Finances/Shipping) Project Complete
18+ Taboo Week (Organization Mod) Event Complete
18+ Taboo Week v2 (Organization Mod) Ran Sept. 12th-18th
18+ TDDK Unlimited (Formatting Mod) Released and available for FREE download
Triumvirate (Finances/Shipping) Project Complete
18+ Sole mod of @NSFWZines on twitter 2019-2021
18+ TDDK Server Valentine's Exchange Completed
May 2020- February 2022: Moderator of 18+ TDDK Server
18+ First Anthology (Head Mod): Awaiting Leftovers
Past Projects as Contributor
Wonder Duo Rising Anthology (Writer) Project Complete
Elemental: TodoKami (Writer) Project Complete
18+ Inksmith NSFW Volume (Writer) Project Complete
Solstice: Shoutobowl Zine (Writer) Project Complete
Akairyuu: Dragon Kiri Zine (Writer) Project Complete
TDDK Style (Writer) Project Complete
18+ Temperatures Fluctuating (Writer) Project Complete
18+ Sexbolt: Kaminari NSFW Zine (Writer)Project complete
Cold Flame (Writer) Project Complete
Seasons of Love (Writer) Project Complete
Threads: A TDDK Serendipity zine (Writer) Project Complete
18+ Eat Your Heart Out Event (Guest Writer) Project Complete
18+ The Pretty Reckless (Writer) Project Complete
18+ Nonconned Zine (Writer) Project Complete
Geraskier AU Zine (Writer) Project Complete
Tiny Twin Stars BakuDeku(Writer) Project Complete
Found Family for Human Disasters(Writer) ???
18+ Contagion BKDK zine (Writer) Project Complete
Infection BKDK zine (Writer) Project Complete
18+ Journeys Beyond TDBK zine (Writer) Project Complete
18+ Carnation: an invite-only femslash zine (Writer) Cancelled
18+ Vanity: Dekucest zine(Writer) Project Complete